INPA – Info & News ??

Italy participates to the EFPA through the INPA (Italian Network of Psychologists’ Associations), that includes the National Order of Psychologists, the Italian Association of Psychology (AIP),
the Association of Psychologist Union(AUPI) and its Formation Agency (Form-AUPI). Overall, associated psychologists are more than 125,000.

INPA was founded in 1992 to develop a common reference framework for psychologists’ academic and professional training according to the European qualification standards. To this aim, since 2005, it has promoted the diffusion of the EuroPsy certification.

In 2022 recurred the 30th anniversary of the foundation of AIP and INPA; in 2021, the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the first-degree courses in psychology (Rome and Padua), now distributed in all the Italian regions. In 2023 Italy has  53 Bachelor Degrees (“Psychological  Sciences and Techniques”) in 45 Universities and  84 Master’s level courses in Psychology in 39 Universities (click here for the list).

In 2022, the Italian Parliament approved a law that makes the master’s degree in psychology qualifying for the professional practice. The Ministry of the University set up a task force, with the participation of both professional and university representatives, for the revision and modification of the academic studies in psychology, including professionalizing internship.

Recently, the Ministry of Education formulated an agreement for the structural and stable inclusion of psychologists in schools; meetings with the Ministry of Health have been organized on the psychological profession within the National Health Service and on psychological assessment for work suitability. In addition, a code of conduct against harassment and discrimination in the workplace has been formulated and disseminated.

Moreover, in 2022, following the Covid-19 psychological effects, the Italian government activated the “Psychological Bonus” (i.e., financial support for psychological therapies). Requests for this initiative, which both psychologists and users very much attend, have been till now more than 300,000.

Materials on the themes of war and peaceful coexistence, prepared by Scientific Societies in the psychological area and Emergency Psychology Associations, were disseminated online.

Many congresses, meetings, and training events are organized, online and in person, by AIP, national and regional Orders, and Form-AUPI.

INPA President is Santo Di Nuovo (AIP), vice-president Laura Parolin (CNOP), secretary Angela Quaquero (AUPI), Treasurer Mario Sellini (Form-Aupi)